Frigidaire One-for-All Air Conditioner Remote Control


This page is for all the Frigidaire Air Cons listed below.We have 2 options available: Option 1: ($139) A regular style remote.Option 2: ($37)  A newly formulated One-for-All remote, The One-for-All was...

This page is for all the Frigidaire Air Cons listed below.
We have 2 options available: 
Option 1: ($139) A regular style remote.
Option 2: ($37)  A newly formulated One-for-All remote, The One-for-All was formulated by us as the original remote has been discontinued and too many of our clients were left without a remote due to the high price of our last originals.

Both remotes function the same. The One-For-All will replace all the remotes in the picture. 


Both remotes options listed above require you to simply insert a battery and it will work with your AC right away. No programming required.

It is the replacement for model numbers:
5304482937 5304472196 5304476904 5304501878 5304476618 5304476998 5304455454 5304471199 5304465400 309342607 309205501 5304476936 5304476851 5304455377 309342609 309350502 5304436596 5304447947 309902201 5304447875 5304447782 5304447885 5304436595 5304456624 5304459374 38675519 5304470994 5304471273 5304459455 YN1G2 YN1G YN1G1 5304459995 5304465361 5304476631 5304476802 5304465432 5304459360 5304466174 5304459101 5304465522 5304459106 5304501872 5304476852 fra256sv2

Also has been tested to work with FFRH models:
ffre10l3q1  FFRH0822Q FFRH0822Q10 FFRH0822Q11 FFRH0822Q12 FFRH0822Q13 FFRH0822R1 FFRH0822R10 FFRH0822R11 FFRH1222Q2 FFRH1222Q20 FFRH1222R2 FFRH1222R20 FFRH1822Q2 FFRH1822Q20 FFRH1822Q21 FFRH1822R2 FFRH1822R20 FFRH2522Q2 FFRH2522Q20 FFRH2522Q21 FFRH2522R2 FFRH2522R20 FRA08PZU110 FRA08PZU111 FRA08PZU112 FRA08PZU113 FRA12EZU210 FRA12EZU211 FRA12EZU212 FRA12EZU213 FRA18EMU210 FRA18EMU211 FRA18EMU212 FRA18EMU213  FAA085P7A6 FAA087P7A1 FAA087P7A2 FAA087P7A3 FAA087P7A4 FAC084N7A1 FAC084N7A2 FAC085N7A1

It also has been produced to work with Kenmore air conditioner models:
CRA086AT71 CRA106BU1 CRA106BU11 CRA106BU111 CRA126CT11 CRA126CT111 CRA126CT14 CRA126CT15 CRA156MT11 CRA156MT111 CRA186MT21 CRA186MT211 CRA226ST21 CRA226ST211 CRA256ST21 CRA256ST211 FFRA2822R2 FFRA2822R21 FFRA2922Q2 FFRA2922Q20 FFRA2922Q21 FFRE0533S1 FFRE0833Q1 FFRE0833Q10 FFRE0833Q11 FFRE0833S1 FFRE0833S10 FFRE0833S12 FFRE103 FFRE1033Q1 FFRE1033Q10 FFRE1033Q11 FFRE1033Q1A FFRE1033Q1A0 FFRE1033Q1A1 FFRE1033Q1A4 FFRE1033S1 FFRE1033S10 FFRE1033S11 FFRE1033S1A0 FFRE1033S1A1 FFRE1233Q1 FFRE1233Q12 FFRE1233Q1A FFRE1233Q1A2 FFRE1233S1 FFRE1233S10 FFRE1533Q1 FFRE1533Q10 FFRE1533S1 FFRE1533S10 FFRE1833Q2 FFRE1833Q20 FFRE1833S2 FFRE1833S20 FFRE2233Q2 FFRE2233Q20 FFRE2233Q21 FFRE2233S2 FFRE2233S20 FFRE2533Q2 FFRE2533Q20 FFRE2533Q21 FFRE2533S2 FFRE2533S20 FRA086AT70 FRA086AT71 FRA086AT72 FRA086AT73 FRA106BU1 FRA106BU110 FRA106CT1 FRA106CT10 FRA106CT11 FRA106CV1 FRA106CV110 FRA106CVA1 FRA106CVA10 RA106CVA2  FRA106CVA20FRA126CT1 FRA126CT10 FRA126CT11 FRA126CT110 FRA126CT12 FRA126CT13 FRA126CT14 FRA126CT15 FRA126CTA1 FRA126CTA13 FRA156MT1 FRA156MT10 FRA156MT11 FRA156MT110 FRA186MT2 FRA186MT20 FRA186MT21 FRA186MT210 FRA226ST20 FRA226ST21 FRA226ST210 FRA256ST2 FRA256ST20 FRA256ST21 FRA256ST210 FRA296ST20 FRA296ST21 FRA296ST210 FFRE153WAE

And also 
FAH086T1T0 FAH106T1T0 FAH106T2T0 FAH126T2T0 FAH146T2T0 FFTA0833Q1 FFTA0833Q12 FFTA0833Q13 FFTA1033Q1 FFTA1033Q10
FFTA1033Q11 FFTA1033Q12 FFTA1033Q13 FFTA1033Q2 FFTA1033Q22 FFTA1033Q23 FFTA1233Q1 FFTA1233Q10 FFTA1233Q11 FFTA1233Q2
FFTA1233Q22 FFTA1233Q23 FFTA1233Q24 FFTA1233Q25 FFTA1422Q2 FFTA1422Q20
FFTA1422Q21 FRA106HT10 FRA106HT20 FRA106HT210 FRA124HT2 FRA124HT20 FRA124HT210 FFRE153WAE ffre153waeo FFTA1033S2 
And Also:

FAA055P7A11 FAA055P7A12 FAA055P7A13 FAA055P7A14 FAA055P7A15 FAA055P7A16 FAA055P7AENG1 FAA055P7AENG2 FAA055P7AENG3 FAA055P7AENG4 FAA055P7AENG5 FAA055P7AENG6 FAA063P7A FAA063P7A11 FAA063P7A12 FAA063P7A13 FAA063P7A14 FAA063P7A15 FAA063P7A16  FAA065P7A11 FAA065P7A12 FAA065P7A13 FAA065P7A14 FAA065P7A15 FAA065P7A16  FAA065P7AENG1 FAA065P7AENG2 FAA065P7AENG3 FAA065P7AENG4 FAA065P7AENG5 FAA065P7AENG6 FAA067P7AENG1  FAA067P7AENG2 FAA067P7AENG3 FAA067P7AENG4 FAA067P7AENG5 FAA067P7AENG6 FAA074S7A FAA074S7A11 FAA074S7A12 FAA074S7A13 FAA074S7A14 FAA074S7A15 FAA074S7A16 FAA084P7A11 FAA084P7A12  FAA084P7A13 FAA084P7A14 FAA084P7A15 FAA084P7A16 FAA084P7AENG1  FAA084P7AENG2 FAA084P7AENG3 FAA084P7AENG4 FAA084P7AENG5 FAA084P7AENG6 FAA085P7A11 FAA085P7A12 FAA085P7A13 FAA085P7A14  FAA085P7A15 FAA085P7A16 FAA087P7AENG1  FAA087P7AENG2 FAA087P7AENG3 FAA087P7AENG4 FAA087P7AENG5  FAA087P7AENG6 FAA087S7A11 FAA087S7A12  FAA087S7A13 FAA087S7A14  FAA087S7A15 FAA087S7A16 FAC104P1A11  FAC104P1A12 FAC104P1A13 FAC104P1A14 FAC104P1A15  FAC104P1A16 FAC104P1AENG1  FAC104P1AENG2 FAC104P1AENG3 FAC104P1AENG4 FAC105P1A11 FAC105P1A12  FAC105P1A13 FAC105P1A14 FAC105P1A15 FAC105P1A16 FAC107P1AENG1  FAC107P1AENG2  FAC107P1AENG3 FAC107P1AENG4  FAC107S1A11 FAC107S1A12  FAC107S1A13  FAC107S1A14 FAC107S1A15  FAC107S1A16   FAC124P1A11  FAC124P1A12  FAC124P1A13  FAC124P1A14  FAC124P1A15  FAC124P1A16  FAC124P1AENG1 FAC124P1AENG2 FAC125P1A11  FAC125P1A12 FAC125P1A13  FAC125P1A14 FAC125P1A15 FAC125P1A16 FAC127P1AENG1 FAC127P1AENG2 FAC127S1A FAC127S1A11 FAC127S1A12 FAC127S1A13 FAC127S1A14 FAC127S1A15 FAC127S1A16 FAH086S1TA11 FAH086S1TA12 FAH086S1TA13 FAH106S1TA11 FAH106S1TA12 FAH106S1TA13 FAH106S2TA11 FAH106S2TA12 FAH106S2TA13 FAH126S2TA11 FAH126S2TA12FAH126S2TA13 FAH12ES2TA11 FAH12ES2TA12 FAH12ES2TA13 FAH146S2TA11 FAH146S2TA12 FAH146S2TA13 FAK085R7V FAK085R7V1 FAK085R7V11 FAK085R7V12 AK085R7V13  FAK104R1V FAK104R1V1 FAK104R1V11 FAK104R1V12 FAK104R1V13 FAK104R1V2 FAK124R1V FAK124R1V1 FAK124R1V11 FAK124R1V12 FAK124R1V13 FAK124R1V2 FAM157R1A1 FAM157R1A2 FAM157S1A FAM157S1A11 FAM157S1A12 FAM157S1A13 FAM157S1A14 FAM157S1A15    FAM157S1A16  FAM184R2A  FAM184R2A11 FAM184R2A12 FAM184R2A13 FAM184R2A14 FAM184R2A15 FAM184R2A16 FAM187R2A1 FAM187S2A FAM187S2A11 FAM187S2A12 FAM187S2A13 FAM187S2A14 FAM187S2A15 FAM187S2A16 FAM215R2A FAM215R2A11 FAM215R2A12 FAM215R2A13 FAS257R2A1 FAS257R2A2 FAS257S2A FAS257S2A11 FAS257S2A12 FAS257S2A13 FAS257S2A14 FAS257S2A15 FAS257S2A16 FAS297R2A1 
Frigidaire Manufacturer ID - YN1G1
Associated Part Numbers - 


We can provide you with this remote as we have a few left in stock, however when we run out of stock they are automatically shipped from our Australian or UK Warehouses, so please allow an extra 8 working days for delivery on the stated delivery times online.

Please do not be tempted to order a cheap universal alternative, even from us! We have the experience to prevent you from purchasing a remote that half works, please let us save you time.


Simply insert batteries and it will work with your AC right away.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card.


We know the weather is very harsh right now, that's why we ship virtually immediately from our warehouses. Select from standard shipping which takes around 8 days and Express shipping which takes around 4 Days. Please also note these are shipped from Australia or the UK depending on stock levels.

All remotes are available for immediate shipping from china. We also have additional shipping locations at checkout. If you need it fast make sure you select EXPRESS shipping from the country closest to your country.

✅✅✅✅✅ I needed a Air Conditioner Remoten frigidaire remote and looked every for one. I ran a search for frigidaire Remotes in China Remotes and found this frigidaire one-for-all air conditioner remote control. The frigidaire remote that wasnt available anywhere.

- Jeremy, UK

✅✅✅✅✅This frigidaire remote was a perfect fit for me. I ordered this Frigidaire One-for-All Air Conditioner Remote Control and the quality was equal to the original. Thank you for solving my problem.

- Esther, GERMANY

✅✅✅✅Slow delivery times (3 weeks) the item is compatible with my frigidaire remote.

Vladimir, RUSSIA