China Remotes, is a Worldwide Partner with the


We are connected with Australia Remotes , שלט למזגן ISRAEL, TV Remotes & Air Conditioner Remotes - USA, and the UK's Every Remote Control 

Also we have Daniel Malchi (From Israel) , the worlds most well known AC Remote problem solver and the owner of Remotes  Remade (USA) - The worlds most advance Remote Production line. There is no remote problem he cant solve, and fast (within 24 hours)!

That means when you order from us, we have a very powerful network of companies who can supply your remote. 

We try our best not to ship from China due to the length of time it takes for the remote to arrive. 

Service is our primary concern. That's why we offer 3 shipping services at the very minimum.

You are in good hands!
Jeremy Shaw
China Remotes